Nieuw Nickerie
Brasaplein Monumento del Sida de Nickerie desde 1 Diciembre 2008
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It came about during the preparations for World AIDS Day in 2008. Each year, the Nickerie AIDS team organises an activity in conjunction with the Welzijns Instituut Nickerie (WIN group) and the Bureau Alcohol en Drugs. Director Pearl Fräser had the idea of making a huge red ribbon to commemorate those who have died of AIDS as well as those who are living with HIV. The red ribbon is the international symbol of solidarity with people living with HIV and AIDS. By wearing such a ribbon on 1 December, you help break taboos and show your support for the people who are infected and their families. A monument in the form of a red ribbon in a visible location would ensure the subject continues to receive attention throughout the year.
The three organisations asked Nickerie’s own artist Franky Amatsenen to design the monument. He created a metal statue symbolising a revolving world showing the various continents, and to which a huge red ribbon is tied. A suitable location was found: Brasa Square directly opposite the Central Market and the Landbouwbank.
Since 2008, people gather at the Nickerie AIDS Monument every year on World AIDS Day in order to join forces once again in the fight against the still incurable disease, to distribute red ribbons and to make their own contributions towards breaking down the taboo around HIV and AIDS.

Nickerie Aids Team