Londres, Inglaterra
Reino Unido
London Bridge, Retrochoir Capilla de San Andrès en la Catedral de Southwark desde 1 Diciembre 1991
sin nombres
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Since 1991, this Chapel commemorates those who live and die under the shadow of HIV and AIDS. This is a very contemporary concern for a disease that affects large groups of men, women and children worldwide, particularly in Africa. A communion service is held for them every Saturday at 9.15 am.
St. Andrew’s Chapel was chosen because St. Andrew was charged by Jesus to be a ‘fisher of all men’ and the Cathedral has an inclusive policy of welcome to all. It was designated at a time when those in South London diagnosed with AIDS or HIV positive were often regarded as third class citizens. The Cathedral is a member of Inclusive Church.
Special prayers are also offered at all services on World AIDS Day: 1 December.

Southwark Cathedral, Church of England