Dallas, TX
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5910 Cedar Springs Road John Thomas Memorial Klokmuur aan de Kathedraal van de Hoop sinds 23 Juli 2000
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The John Thomas Memorial Bell Wall was designed by renowned architect Philip Johnson and his business partner, Alan Ritchie, and was the idea and project of Cathedral of Hope leaders and members. Design and location of the wall were a collaborative effort of all involved. The Bell Wall honors the memory of John Thomas, a member of the church and activist for GLBTQ and AIDS issues in the Dallas community, and stands as a national memorial to all affected by HIV/AIDS.
The wall, which is 78 feet tall and 72 feet wide, stands over the entrance to the church, was dedicated on Sunday, July 23, 2000, and features three bells symbolizing Remembrance, Justice and Hope. The bells ring at noon in memory of all who’ve died of HIV/AIDS and at six p.m. in hope for peace, plus after every worship service.
The Bell Wall gets special recognition on December 1, World AIDS Day, which is of such importance to the congregation of Cathedral of Hope (CoH) that it is part of the liturgical calendar. CoH has lost over 1500 members to HIV/AIDS and, during the height of the epidemic in America, was the only church that would bury AIDS victims. One month, the church performed 31 funerals.

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