Lancaster, PA
Northwest Corridor Linear Park, near Lemon Street entrance Jardin du Souvenir du VIH/Sida de Betty Finney House depuis 1 Décembre 1994
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Garden Gets Some Attention April 10-May 9
This Spring on April 10th and April 15th "Friends" from Eagle's Nest Program at St. John's Episcopal Church with 4th & 5th Graders from Robert Fulton School planted White Petunias and Red Snapdragons and students from F&M's Teamworks provided some mulch to some of the newly established beds in the Garden! The plaque reads:
Presented to
Ann Bressi and Sue Soderberg
for all the love and support
shown to the Adapt Support Group
Dedicated 1998
Photos © Friends of Betty Finney House HIV/AIDS Memorial Garden Facebook

13 Mai 2012
Friends of Betty Finney House HIV/AIDS Memorial Garden, Lancaster, PA