San Luis Obispo, CA
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El Chorro Regional Park Steve Weiss Lebender Aids-Memorial-Hain seit 1 Dezember 1994
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The Steve Weiss AIDS Living Memorial Grove, located in El Chorro Regional Park, provides a beautiful living memorial in remembrance of the men, women and children who have died from AIDS and in support of those who live each day with HIV/AIDS. The Grove honors both the people whose lives have been cut short by the illness and the people whose lives have been forever altered by sharing their love and support of those with the illness.
The Grove is a place for grief, for remembrance, for hope and for renewal. It is a place to stroll, to meditate or to gather for a memorial service.The Grove provides a learning tool for adults and children, provoking discussion on AIDS, awareness, loss and the power of community. Created with native plants and trees, gardeners are also encouraged to learn more about California plant life.
The Grove, as life itself, grows and changes with the cycles of nature; planting and maintaining the Grove provides a healing experience. Established in 1994, the Grove is now home to over 200 native Californian trees, shrubs, and grasses.
The Grove embeds the Path of Remembrance, a stone walkway in which each stone bears the name of someone the community has lost to AIDS.
In partnership with San Luis Obispo County Parks, under an Adopt-a-Park agreement, the AIDS Support Network continues to develop and maintain the Steve Weiss AIDS Living Memorial Grove on three acres of El Chorro Regional Park.

AIDS Support Network San Luis Obispo County