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Memorial Moment marks participants at FGG Annual General Assembly [in Toronto]
A highlight of each Annual General Assembly of the FGG is the Memorial Moment. This year the event took place under the direction of Brent Nicholson Earle just before the important closing session of the meetings, with Kyle Chang (delegate from Team Chicago), Bettina Dietmann-Winter (board member from Munich), and Mac Gunter (delegate from Outsport Toronto) reading names, and Barbara Strewinski (delegate from SC Janus, Cologne, and 2010 Volunteer of the Year), Erica Munoz (delegate from Team Chicago), Tom Nobbe (executive director of Gay Games 9), and Wessel Van Kampen (co-president of GLISA International)  carrying out the quilt ceremony. Shamey Cramer gave a moving homage to Richard Hunter.
Photos © Marc Naimark Gay Games Blog

27 октябрь 2011
Marc Naimark, Paris