York, PA
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Albemarle Park, Southeast corner Aids-Memorial-Garten York seit 1 Dezember 1996
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Volunteers plant AIDS memorial garden
Red bricks patterned in a ribbon at one end of Albermarle Park pay tribute to the people lost and those who continue to suffer with HIV/AIDS in York County. For the past six months, volunteers with the Caring Together Program, run by Family First Health and WellSpan, have worked to restore the once run-down site as part of an effort to spark dialogue about the disease. And in April, more than 30 volunteers returned to the site for a spring cleaning and planting session as part of a long-term effort to maintain the memorial.
While strides have been made in treatment, more needs to be done to make people aware of the toll the disease takes on those living with it, Karen McCraw, chief program officer for Family First, said last fall. People need to know that “there is a way up and out,” Clint Rivero, who is HIV positive, said during the initial cleanup. “HIV lives with me. I don’t live with HIV.”
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30 April 2014
Hannah Sawyer, York, PA