near Central Station, Marijas iela/ Satekles iela Names and Stones - Domu Joma/ Devil's Seat since 26 March 1993
without names
The monument, which was prepared in March1993 by the German artist Tom Flecht, is devoted to well-known people who have died from AIDS. Included in the names carved into the paving bricks are the musician Miles Davis, the artist Keith Harring, the photographer Peter Hujar, the playwright Bernard Marie Koltes, the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, the singer Freddy Mercury, the dancer Rudolf Nurejev, the actor Anthony Perkins and the writer Pier Vittorio Tondelli. Photo © Valts Kleins.
On the occasion of the European WHO Conference 'Investment in Health' 1-2 April 1993, two stones were added on Doma Laukums/ Dome Square in front of the old Riga Stock Exchange which became the Art Museum Riga Bourse in 2011. One stone shows the inscription "Riga - Investments in Health - 1/2.4.1993", the other one a "+".

Jaunatne pret AIDS/ Youth Against AIDS