Buffalo, NY
United States
Normal Ave./ Porter Ave Life Memorial Park since 1 December 1992
Life Memorial Park, founded by members of Buffalo's GLBTT community spearheaded by Joe Raimondo, serves as a lasting reminder to the community at large of the thousands of men, women and children who live with HIV/AIDS each day. It also serves as a memorial to all the people who have died from complications of AIDS.
Much of the original financial support was donated by Carl Rosetti with ongoing maintenance facilitated by members of the International Court System and the Buffalo Bears. Members of The Imperial Court of Buffalo, with help from Canadian friends in Hamilton, London, Toronto and St. Catherines, provided manpower and/or financial resources since its inception. Since 2002, the Buffalo Bears contributed their share including three annual park clean-ups and plantings held on Mother's and Father's Day and in late September.
The Park was dedicated December 1, 1992 and on World AIDS Day 2012 will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Life Memorial Park includes a red painted concrete sidewalk in the shape of an AIDS ribbon, lined with granite memorial benches and shows the American flag, a rainbow pride flag, the bear flag and the AIDS awareness flag.

Imperial Court of Buffalo