San José, CA
United States
Guadalupe River Park at Children’s Discovery Museum, left of main entrance, 180 Woz Way San José AIDS Memorial Grove since 30 September 1995
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A coalition of several AIDS service organizations was formed in 1993 by Our City Forest for the purpose of planning a memorial tree grove to honor those who have lost their lives to AIDS. Over $10,000 were donated by residents of San Jose and Silicon Valley to make this long held dream a reality.
A public survey was conducted by the coalition to determine the features needed for the grove site. Respondents indicated that a centrally located park site which could accommodate 30 or so trees was needed. They also expressed a desire for the site to provide some serenity yet allow for occasional public events. After a prolonged and extensive search for the ideal site, the coalition approved an available site located near the entrance to the Children's Discovery Museum, which was reviewed and approved by the Guadalupe River Park Task Force in December, 1994. San José councilmember and task force member Trixie Johnson was instrumental in facilitating this process.
To create a true sense of ownership for the grove, the coalition sought to have volunteers involved in all aspects of its development. A special volunteer training class was conducted by Our City Forest to train volunteers in tree planting and tree care techniques.
The grove consists of 30 Chinese pistache trees planted lovingly by the volunteers on September 17th, 1995. Bronze animal sculptures residing at the far end of the park were created by Michael Boris who died of AIDS a few years before. Prior to his death, Michael dedicated the animals to the children of San José. This element will help to further AIDS education and awareness among the greater community. A dedication plaque is included as part of the memorial. Dedication of the grove took place on September 30th, 1995 by assemblyman John Vasconcellos.

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