Kettwiger Straße/Essener Münster Names and Stones - Track II since 4 June 1999
52 names
“Names and stones” is a project based by Tom Fecht (an artist) and the German AIDS foundation. “The first installation, in June 1992, during documenta IX –Homage- was composed of stones commemorating predominantly artists who had died from AIDS.” (AIDS-Hilfe Kassel e.V.) Essen installed the names and stones memorial in 1999. It has been chosen, because of its central layer. The keeper is still the German AIDS foundation, the AIDS Hilfe Essen e.V. only takes care of the memorial as a foster family. It is located at the “Burgplatz”. The location was chosen by the city council and Klaus-Peter Hackbarth. It’s also the place where the “AIDS-Hilfe Essen e.V.” takes action for the World AIDS Day. It is dedicated to people who died from AIDS. There have been two expansions on the memorial “Spur II”, so that there are about 50 names and crosses to remind the people that AIDS still is a topic that should not be forgotten!

Aids-Hilfe Essen e.V.