Lindwurmstr. 71 German AIDS Memorial Quilt since 1 December 1995
60 names
After moving to Germany in 1995, Quaide Williams volunteered with the Munich AIDS organization and introduced the idea of the Quilt to a wider public, a project he'd learned about through friends back in the States.
A great number of quilt panels come from Munich, another group of panels has been initiated during the Federal Meetings of Posivites (BundesPositivenVersammlung). One quilt block is special in gathering panels for hemophiliacs that got infected with hiv through their inappropriately handled blood products.
From the beginning, parts of the German Quilt went on Tour across Europe hitting cities as Moscow, Kaliningrad and Warsaw, Milan, London and Barcelona. In 1996 the complete German collection was shown at the international display in Washington, DC. As of December 2012, the German AIDS Memorial Quilt consists of 7 quilt blocks each uniting 8 panels as well as 4 loose panels. After the last European Tour had ended at the Gay Games 98 in Amsterdam, two quilt blocks were given in permanent loan to the International AIDS Prevention Initiative in New York.

Münchner Aids-Hilfe e.V.