Dallas, TX
United States
Oak Lawn Avenue & Cedar Springs Road, Oak Lawn Triangle Legacy of Love Monument since 13 October 2006
100 names
The Legacy of Love Monument at the Oak Lawn Triangle celebrates and honors those who have touched our hearts, our souls and our community. The Legacy of Love Endowment Fund was inspired by the lives of Friedhelm Schnitzler and his life-partner, Heinz Reifferscheid, who bequeathed their estate to create on-going assistance to enhance the lives of those living with HIV and AIDS. Their vision was to see this fund grow, creating a safety net to AIDS services organizations that provide vital support to those living with this disease.
Recognizing the intersection of Oak Lawn Avenue and Cedar Springs Road as the heart of our diverse neighborhood, the Oak Lawn Committee looked for a way to make this crossroads a focus for the community. The small triangular traffic island at that intersection had served many purposes over the decades. It had once been part of the trolley lines that ran through the neighborhood, and later a modern a bus stop. After holding neighborhood meetings, the OLC learned that what most members of the community wanted was a way to reflect the neighborhood’s vibrant past as it rapidly moved into the future. A design competition was held to meet the criteria. Over thirty entries were received. Local Architect Cheryl G. Baez’ outstanding design, which best exhibited the neighborhood’s heritage, was selected as the winner. Separating the Monument Plaza from the garden is the Frank H. Caven Memorial Garden Wall that holds the plaques with the names of those remembered. Thanks to outstanding support, this tribute to a diverse community was built totally from private funds, not only as a gift to all those who live and work in Oak Lawn, but to all the people of Dallas.
The Monument plaza is the frequent site for rallies and celebrations for the GLBT community in Dallas.

The Oak Lawn Committee