City of Vincent, WA
Robertson Park, cnr Stuart & Fitzgerald St. Perth AIDS Memorial since 1 December 2001
without names
The creation of the AIDS Memorial was initially considered by Founding Director Alan Blackwood in the late 1980's but commenced in 1993. The "AIDS Memorial Monument Project", was to be a place and focal point for the ritual remembrance to pay lasting tribute to those who have died from HIV/AIDS related causes. The Memorial also pays lasting tribute to all those who voluntarily gave their time and energy in the fight against HIV/AIDS, through their professions or through science and education.
Alan's vision and enthusiasm for the project combined with Co-Director Gary Giles garnered financial support from community organisations, Local and Federal Government Grants and dedicated supporters via fund raising programs for the project. The project was advertised and 24 artist's submitted proposals. The judging panel selected "Damage" by artist Rodney Glick and architects Kieran Wong and Diego Ramirez.
The Monument Features a reflection pool and seat, walls with text flanked with a stone berm, landscaped plantings, and lighting. The Memorial site is close to central Perth located within Robertson Park. The City of Vincent agreed to provide the site for the Monument and associated works, including a generous donation. On completion, the AIDS Memorial Project gifted the artwork to the City. The Memorial and its site became vested in the City of Vincent's care for management into the future.
Currently there are no names contained within the Memorial site, however the City is proposing to incorporate large iron stone boulders where names can be securely attached.
After eight years of planning, fund raising, grant applications and the construction/commissioning of the artist's work, the Memorial was launched on 1st of December 2001.
The Memorial is utilised throughout the year to commemorate the AIDS Vigil and World AIDS Day and for people to visit to reflect upon loved ones passed.

City of Vincent