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Kookaburra Circuit hospital entrance John Hunter Hospital AIDS Memorial Garden since 1 December 1994
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The original AIDS Memorial Garden was opened on World AIDS Day 1 December 1994. The idea for the garden originally came from a social worker in 1993. It was hoped that the garden would be a restful place for patients and their relatives - somewhere to relax and reflect, It has been well used by all at John Hunter - patients, families, friends and staff, particularly those involved in the HIV/AIDS journey. The original front Inscription reads
'This garden grove was opened on 1 December WORLD AIDS DAY 1994.
It serves to remind us of the past struggles and future victories of all those living with HIV/AIDS.
“I bequeath to you the living All the joy and all the sorrows have courage always And sometimes, sometimes Remember me.” Majorie Pizer'
In 2000, the space was needed for the construction of the new James Wallis Building. The new AIDS Memorial Garden was opened on World AIDS Day 1 December 2003. The relocation of the garden has provided the opportunity to add new features including a winding path in the shape of the famous AIDS red ribbon.
Staff took the opportunity to bury a time capsule in the garden containing a collection of stories from patients, relatives and staff commemorating HIV/AIDS care in the Hunter. The capsule also contains records of the current information known about HIV/AIDS, so it can be compared with information discovered in the years to come when the capsule is dug up in 2025. The plaque reads
'A time capsule commemorating HIV care in the Hunter
was buried on 1st December 2000
to be opened on 1st December 2025'.
The John Hunter Hospital campus has a dedicated HIV unit served by a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals.

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