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GLBT Historical Society Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt - block 14 since 8 November 2018
9 names
In the course of musealization of the Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt, the GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco acquired a quilt block with relations to California and the Bay Area. Five out of the eight panels are made for people with a Latin American background finally ending up in Europe.
Jaime O'Neill and his brother Gary were born in Berkeley, CA as sons of a Costa Rican mother and an American father. His family moved to Fairfields and later to Sacramento. On a travel to Europe, Jaime met his partner Cees and stayed in Amsterdam. He later came back to California to get his Registered Nurse Diploma.
Enrique Castro - de la Rossa called Quique was born in Lima, Peru and moved to the Los Angeles area to study arts at the Glendale Community College and later became assistent general manager of the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel. After travelling around the world, Quique settled down on Ibiza, Spain where he opened bar Teatro and took over the popular gay bar Crisco.
Luis Eduardo Llerena Pinto called Lucho was also born in Lima, Peru. He moved to the US, then to Spain, and finally to Amsterdam. During his time in San Francisco, he spend some time in a quilting bee of the NAMES Project.
The panel for Lucho was made by Gart van Gennip (formerly Gart Zeebregts), a Dutch volunteer and European Councillor of the NAMES Project who in 1988 travelled across Europe to promote the idea of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, among others together with Cleve Jones to the International AIDS Conference in Stockholm. In 2006, Gart migrated to Iquitos, Peru, the home country of his great love Lucho.
Gart also made the panel for Faizul who was born in Guyana. Faizul moved to The Hague and later to Amsterdam where he studied fashion design.
Jesus Fernando Paredes Gomèz was born in Venezuela and spent much of his youth in England. He studied one year in San Francisco and finally moved to Amsterdam. As coördinator of the NAMES Project Netherlands, he participated in Quilt displays in San Francisco and Washington, DC.
Block 14 has been sent to the GLBT Historical Society on 8 November 2018.

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