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Science Museum Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt - block 3 since 11 March 2019
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In the course of musealization of the Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt, the Science Museum in London acquired a quilt block that is dedicated to migrants. Three out of the eight panels tell the story of migration. They are created for people who left their country of birth or had a major impact on spreading the idea of the AIDS Memorial Quilt: Salvatore Mormone was born in Napels and moved to Amsterdam, Hans Brockhoff was born in Amsterdam and moved to Australia, and Andrew Carter brought the idea of the AIDS Memorial Quilt from San Francisco to Sydney. The remaining five panels are as diverse as the ones for Hans Faasse who worked in the theater circuit and René Goedgeluk who felt at home in the leather and fetish scene.
Block 3 of the Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt has been transferred to the Science Museum in March 2019. It has been unfolded in a lotus ceremony during the workshop 'Material Culture of Health Activism' on 20 June 2019.
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