Vancouver, BC
West End Jepson-Young Lane since 1 July 2018
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Located between Comox and Pendrell streets, Jepson-Young Lane runs from Thurlow to Cardero, and from Bidwell to Stanley Park. Peter Jepson-Young (1957-1992) was a doctor in Vancouver who became famous for promoting AIDS and HIV awareness in the early 1990s. He appeared regularly on CBC-TV with a series called The Dr. Peter Diaries, in which he documented his own life as a person living with AIDS, becoming the face of the tragic epidemic in the eyes of the public.
In November 2017, Vancouver City Council voted unanimously in favour of naming eight West End laneways to be named after local historical figures. After confirmation on 5 June 2018, one of them became Jepson-Young Lane, where since 1997 at the end at Thurlow Street, the Dr. Peter Centre is located.
For Vancouver Mural Festival, Kirk Gower created a tribute to Jepson-Young at Denman, between Comox Street and Pendrell Street.
Photo: Google Streetview

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