International AIDS Candlelight Memorial since 2 May 1983
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The Candlelight Memorial began in 1983 when HIV and how it is transmitted, was still being discovered. Knowing they would die within the year, four young men – Bobbi Campbell, Bobby Reynolds, Dan Turner and Mark Feldman – decided to put a “face on the disease” by coordinating a small vigil behind a banner reading “Fighting For Our Lives".
The four planned a march through the San Francisco gay district Castro to City Hall and created a poster. As others joined in, the Candlelight drew thousands, beginning a movement that would inspire countless other people living with HIV and AIDS in other countries to focus the attention of communities and national leaders on HIV, to foster support, and move people to action.
The Candlelight Memorial was managed by the PLHIV driven organization Mobilization Against AIDS until the Global Health Council began organizing the event in 2000. The Global Health Council organised the 25th Anniversary of the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial in 2008 – commemorating a quarter century of remembrance, community mobilization, and global solidarity.
In 2011 the International Candlelight Memorial has returned to where it started, again hosted and coordinated by people living with HIV, through the Global Network of People living with HIV. In its vision, the Candlelight remains one of the most important civil society-led efforts, both to remember those we have lost, as well as to celebrate the lives of people living with HIV.
Since 1984 the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is hold on the third Sunday in May. In some countries, the exact date varies.

Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+)