Barcelona, Catalonia
Parc de Montjuïc, Jardí d’Aclimatació Barcelona AIDS Memorial since 12 April 2003
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The Barcelona AIDS Memorial (the first in Europe) was inaugurated in April 2003 in the “Jardi d'Aclimatació” of the Montjuïc Parc, on the tenth anniversary of the association Projecte dels NOMS and with the collaboration of “Institut Municipal de Parcs i Jardins” of the City of Barcelona. The AIDS Monument consists of an olive tree and a rock (universal symbols of peace and eternity), which is accessed through a path of stones engraved with the poem “We talk about you” (Parlem de tu), donated by the Catalan poet Miquel Martí i Pol, from his book “Absences” (Absències).
This space, dedicated to remembrance and reflection, symbolizes all persons who have died of AIDS, but also all persons who were able to share their sadness and despair, and supported them until their last hours.
Since its opening, the AIDS Monument has become a reference for those affected by the virus as for those who have been involved in the fight against the pandemic.
Every year, during the celebration in May of the International AIDS Memorial, a floral tribute is made to remember our loved ones. The AIDS Memorial has been celebrated during 15 years without interruption in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona but since 2009 the celebration is taken place at the AIDS Memorial at the Montjuïc Parc.
The Barcelona AIDS Memorial of has been an inspiration and reference for other permanent memorials in other cities in Spain and Europe.

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