Los Angeles, CA
United States
Carl Bean House, 2146 W Adams Boulevard Los Angeles Black AIDS Memorial since 27 June 2021
188 names
The design concept of the Los Angeles Black AIDS Memorial came from Jeffrey King, Executive Director of the In The Meantime Men’s Group, and was realized by Los Angeles sculptor Nijel Lloyd Binns. The design contains three symbols: a tekhen (obelisk), a Sankofa bird on its top, and the text “Pouring Into Each Other” on its front.
The 6 foot tall dark granite tekhen represents the “process of evolution of the human soul”. The bronze Sankofa bird with its left foot forward and its head turned backward means “go back and get” in the mythology of the Akan people of Ghana, in this case Africans to reach back into ancient and modern history for traditions, customs that have been left behind. “Pouring Into Each Other” is a message towards the generations communicating their history towards change.
The Los Angeles Black AIDS Memorial was inaugurated on National Testing Day, 27 June 2021. The associated website contains an In Memoriam of over 180 names.
The plaque reads:

The Los Angeles Black AIDS Monument
Pouring into Each Other, exists today
as a constant reminder that,
All Black Lives Matter,
Every Black life lost to the HIV/AIDS pandemic matters.
Every Black person living with and impacted by HIV matters.
Commissioned by the Black AIDS Monument Committee.
Sculpted by Nijel Lloyd Binns.
Installed June 27, 2021

In the Meantime Men's Group