Manchester, England
United Kingdom
77 Ardwick Green North UK AIDS Memorial Quilt since 1 December 1988
328 names
The International Names Project AIDS Quilt is a memorial project started in San Francisco in 1985 that has spread worldwide, as friends and loved ones have created panels and testimonials to remember those they have lost.
As well as a creative means of remembrance, the AIDS quilt aims to educate people about HIV prevention, fight stigma and bring home the message that this is no time for complacency.
Memorials of over 300 people who have died from AIDS can be found on the UK Quilt. Every effort has been made by the National AIDS Trust to locate all the panels from across the UK and bring them together physically and virtually. The physical home of the panels featured on the website is the George House Trust in Manchester.

George House Trust – NAMES Project U.K.