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National Registry of Artists with AIDS since 1 December 2003
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The Alliance for the Arts initiated the Estate Project in 1991 to respond to the unprecedented impact of AIDS on American culture.
Much of our work focuses on the preservation of artworks and the creation of archives comprised of visual artworks, films, videos, musical scores, dances and manuscripts, as well as developing research tools and finding aids for dispersed collections. The Estate Project has built a groundbreaking website that allows the general public, curators and historians access to this material. In addition, the website carries our award-winning publications on estate planning for artists, Future Safe and A Life in Dance.
The Estate Project is developing the National Registry of Artists with AIDS, launched on December 1, 2003, as a work-in-progress. The National Registry is simultaneously a memorial to artists lost to AIDS, a tool for researchers and students, and a gateway to some of the most interesting and important cultural expression of the last 20 years.
The National Registry comprises writers, actors and performers, directors, designers, composers, musicians, visual artists, film- and videomakers, choreographers and dancers, architects and landscape architects, and interior designers.
Eventually, these names will be accompanied by biographical profiles, work lists, bibliographies, works samples and links to estates, archives and other collections where artworks can be accessed.

The Estate Project for Artists with AIDS