Osthaus Museum, Museumsplatz 1, left of entrance Names and Stones - Cold Spot (Cold Gate) since 30 November 1993
54 names
The work “Cold Spot”, conceived by the German artist Tom Fecht, is part of an international project named “Names and Stones”. It consists of old paving stones with the engraved names of persons who died of AIDS. This work in progess was and will be realised in many places in Europe. The square in front of the historical Folkwang building in Hagen consists of 65 graved and 100 simple stones. Names of famous persons like Freddy Mercury or Jim Henson as well as names of people from Hagen are inscribed.

Originally the work was integrated in the interior architecture of Osthaus Museum under the title “Cold Door” (11/30/1993). Due to an extension of the museum building it had to be deinstalled. Tom Fecht changed the concept into “Cold Spot". The work is now located nearby the main stairs of the historical Folkwang building.

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