Friedhof Olsdorf, I: Rosengarten, II: Millionenhügel Memento Grave Monuments since 1 July 1995
Many AIDS sufferers see for their own death the anonymous burial as the only option so far - that is whenever a funeral in the family circle is impossible or undesirable, or there are no relatives who can take care of a single grave in the long term.
The joint graves initiated and maintained by the Memento Association close an important gap and provide a visible symbol of dealing with dying, death and bereavement associated with AIDS. The disease AIDS and the affected people belong to this city and form a part of their history and this affiliation, we want to make them visible even beyond death.
In 1995, we purchased a grave at the Ohlsdorf Cemetery in Hamburg bearing a historic grave monument of 1897, which has been restored by Memento. An ancient mosaic lits again in its original colors. By 1997, the burial options were exhausted so that a new grave had to be purchased. For the design of the grave monument, Memento announced a design competition, which was implemented on Memorial Day 1999.
Pentecost 2012, an additional grave monument ‘In Memoriam’ will be inaugurated to list names of people whose grave elsewhere expires and who had been active in anti-discrimination and prevention in the AIDS area during their lifetime, or who were otherwise engaged in Hamburg's gay community.
The association Memento has taken on the task to offer joint graves for people who are affected in some way by AIDS, and thereby prolonging experienced solidarity beyond the death of the individual. The offer of Memento graves applies to all affected by AIDS including, of course, their partners as well.

Memento e.V.