Gijón, Asturias
Parque de Los Pericones, zona Ceáres Asturias AIDS Memorial Forest since 4 June 2010
without names
Remembrance and Hommage to AIDS Victims
'A place for remembrance and meditation which represents the feelings towards all people who died of AIDS around the world, the courage of the ones who live with HIV today and the conviction that our united effort will lead us to the end of this pandemic'. This memorial was unveiled on the 4th of June, 2010 on the initiative of the Anti-Aids Citizens Comittee in Asturias and the support of the City Council of Gijón, Asturias, Spain.
The AIDS Memorial Forest is situated in the surroundings of the Pericones Park in Gijón with direct access through Periodista Francisco Carantoña Dubert Road, in a piece of land where 221 trees from the 5 continents were planted, trade winds, birches, ginkgos, grevilleas, red oaks...
Inside the memorial forest there is a multicoloured monolith made by the Senegalese artist Mohamadou Ndoye, called 'Chameleon', a work which calls to unity in the variety and which, just like the chameleon, adapts to the different spaces through the colours.
An engraved plate lays at the bottom of the monolith with this poem made by the Mutual-Help Group, part of the Asturias Anti-AIDS Citizens Comittee:
Love arouse from the memory of your lost,
and on this 'earth' we planted forever
your infinite presence.
A space, your space. From the loss, the seropositivity, the fight, the citizenship.
Dedicated to the ones who have fallen by the way, and to the millions missing throughout the world. To them, to our children, our colleagues, our families and our friends. A space of dignity, a space of tribute and remembrance.
Every 1st of December and in May a floral arrangement is placed at the Memorial.

Comité Ciudadano Anti-SIDA de Asturias