Reinhausen near Göttingen
Waldschlösschen, Schanze opposite main entrance Names and Stones - Nature Forte since 17 November 1994
80 names
Since 1986, the Academy Waldschlösschen with its focus on seminars for gay men has been a central place in Germany, where HIV-infected people or people suffering from Aids meet. They attend seminars to gain new strength and new impulses for their lives with HIV and experience solidarity and support as well as networking with other HIV-positive people.
But also many gay friends and companions from the „time before AIDS," who influenced the development and atmosphere of Waldschlösschen (among) made the political and cultural work - in terms of the gay and later the people with HIV and AIDS - their topic. Lots of them, among them Joachim Prüss, Manfred Salzgeber, Melitta Sundström, Celia Bernecker-Welle, Andreas Salmen, Hans-Peter Hauschild, Jörg Sauer, Ulrich Doms, died of AIDS in the past 25 years .
The staff of Academy Waldschlösschen and the association „Positiv e.V.“, the group who organize the nationwide meetings of people with HIV/Aids in the Waldschlösschen in cooperation with the Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung in Bonn and the artist Tom Fecht from Berlin constructed a place of remembrance: The Nature Forte as part of "Denkraum project Namen und Steine“.
The inauguration took place during the 46th meeting of people with HIV/Aids in the Academy Waldschlösschen in November 1994.
Since then, about 80 bricks have been installed in the wall. Today not so many stones are added, but if, they are installed during the meetings with a special ritual.
The wall still stands with its names not only for the development of the disease, but also for the power of initiative and self-empowerment of people with HIV, which still has its place at Waldschlösschen, especially expressed by the meetings of people with HIV/Aids (there will be the 150th meeting in March 2012).

Akademie Waldschlösschen