Austrian AIDS Memorial Banner since 15 May 2009
980 names
The original quilts of the NAMES Project Wien have been extended by the AIDS Memorial Banner.
Since the original (textile) quilts represent irretrievably testimonies of remembrance the panels can only be presented under "safe" conditions (protected from rain oder damage). The AIDS Memorial Banner which lists approximately 1,000 names has been produced in May 2009 as a weatherproof textile lane; with a width of 1 m and a length of about 150 m. On this lane there are listet currently more than 900 names of deceased – the banner should remember them.
This plastic lane is splitted into 15 parts with 10 m length per part, so they can be presented easily. Purpose is to carry the banner along on World-AIDS-Day, to display the banner on AIDS-Memorial-Day and to present the banner on other occasions (such as Life Ball, school events, conferences, on house fronts etc.) indoor and outdoor. During the presentation of the AIDS-Memorial-Banner pedestrians can easily add names to the banner, because there are empty lines at the end of the banners.
The realization of the AIDS-Memorial-Banner was only possible through the cooperation with the "Positiver Dialog" and the support from the "Life Ball/Verein Aids Life" as well as "Plakativ – X-large Printing".

NAMES Project Wien, Homosexuelle Initiative Wien