Herbarthstraße 4 AIDS Book of Remembrance in the Church Am Lietzensee since 30 May 1993
6000 names
Ever since the year 1993, the Ecumenical AIDS Initiative KIRCHE positHIV keeps a memorial book, into which the names of the deceased who are close to one may be inscribed. The book is on display on a memorial altar in the Church Am Lietzensee in Berlin-Charlottenburg and can be viewed and referred to there.
Every year, on World AIDS Day, KIRCHE positHIV holds a special service, during which the names of those entered into the memorial book during the preceding year are read out. On this occasion a candle may be lit in personal commemoration.
During the Ecumenical Church Convention, held between 28 May and 1 June 2003, KIRCHE positHIV organised the centre entitled “AIDS and One World” in association with the ‘Coalition Against AIDS’ in the Church Am Lietzensee, marked by international participation. The acme of the proceedings was an ecumenical service in commemoration of the departed. In this service, names of those who had died of the consequences of AIDS from around the world and who had been named to us by the guest participants were read out.