Münsterplatz/Domhof Names and Stones - Last Track since 20 December 2000
38 names
In the heart of our city, in close vicinity to the Aachen Cathedral, the 'Room for Thoughts' of the AIDS Foundation Aachen named ‘Last Track’ brings back memories. The installation Names and Stones – after its first appearance 1992 at the documenta IX displayed in different forms and several different places across Germany and Europe – consists of a larger number of found cobble stones. A part of these stones have engraved the names of people who died of AIDS – the last track of these fellow citizens of Aachen, so to speak.
Despite the 36 stones with names of people from Aachen, there are also 2 stones from Mönchengladbach. A separate installation could not be realized there, the ‘Last Track’ in Aachen is the last installation of Names and Stones. The installation at the passage to the Domhof lies partly on municipal and partly on church grounds. Since Mönchengladbach belongs to the Diocese of Aachen, this solution was obvious.
For donors of the stones as well as for staff and volunteer members of the Aids-Hilfe Aachen, this is a place of remembrance of all people lost to this disease. For Aachen citizens and foreign visitors, this is a memorial pointing to the existence of AIDS and reminding that anyone could get infected with HIV.

Aids-Hilfe Aachen e.V.