Edinburgh, Scotland
United Kingdom
Water of Leith walkway, opposite National Gallery of Scotland 'Life Tribute' Edinburgh AIDS Memorial since 1 December 2004
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The idea for the memorial came from the remnant of a World AIDS Day (WAD) organising group. Historically, the day had been organised by a group representing various agencies but as things changed and agencies closed there was a shift and Waverley Care took on responsibility for WAD remembrance event. There was some money left and it was decided that a permanent memorial would be the best way to use it - and something Waverley Care very much wanted to see.
Waverley Care & WAD organising group negotiated with the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) to identify a site. This meant that the CEC would maintain the surrounding area. Marion Chatterley, the Spiritual and Pastoral Care Co-ordinator at Waverley Care, chose the text for the stone, organised permission to use it, negotiated with a stone mason, and organised the plaque.
Waverley Care & WAD organising group looked at options for benches and decided together on that design.
Since World AIDS Day 2004, the 'Life Tribute' is a place for all those affected by HIV/AIDS. It’s a permanent site, situated on the Water of Leith Walkway in the centre of Edinburgh. Nearest access can be gained from the Gallery of Modern Art (cross the bridge and turn left) or Magdala Crescent.
‘If I should ever leave you whom I love
To go along the silent way
Grieve not
Nor speak of me with tears
But laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you there’
(Isla Paschal Richardson)

Waverley Care