Brighton, England
United Kingdom
New Steine Square 'TAY' Brighton and Hove AIDS Memorial since 9 October 2009
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The Brighton AIDS Memorial - Preparation
Preparations for the unveiling of the Brighton AIDS Memorial, scheduled for Friday 9th October 2009 at 2:30p.m. by David Furnish at New Steine Square / Gardens [map], Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK. The sculpture has been designed by local artist Romany Mark Bruce. The entwined lovers echo the shape of the AIDS awareness ribbon.
The statues are being lowered by crane into place, square roots fitting into preformed holes in the plinth. The background is a genuine Atlantic sky and sea. The statues are eerily wrapped like Egyptian mummies, prior to the unveiling.
Photos © Dominic Alves flickr

5 October 2009
Dominic Alves, Brighton