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New Steine Square 'TAY' Brighton and Hove AIDS Memorial since 9 October 2009
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Aids Memorial Progress
In a shed on a farm on the other side of Lewes the Aids Memorial is taking shape. Sculptor Romany Mark Bruce has been working overtime in the last few months to finish his work on the first stage of the project.
Originally planned for unveiling on Worlds Aids Day 2008, the project suffered a setback earlier this year when the frame that Romany had been sculpting the clay onto collapsed under the combined weight of the clay and he had to start sculpting all over again.
Through the summer months Romany worked furiously to catch up and the memorial is now close to the stage were a wax mould can be made prior to it going to the foundry to be caste in bronze.
As with everything else the credit crunch and rise in the cost of raw materials over the last year has affected the original budget and it is clear that more fundraising will be needed to help pay for the memorial to be caste in bronze. An application for a lottery grant has also been made.
Romany Mark Bruce has donated his services free of charge to the project and all money raised through fundraising will go to the cost of producing the final bronze memorial which will be sited in New Steine Gardens.
“If everything goes well the memorial will be completed and installed during the later part of 2009” said Romany.
Photo © Romany Mark Bruce Gscene

27 November 2008
Romany Mark Bruce, Brighton