San Francisco, CA
United States
Golden Gate Park, west of intersection Bowling Green and Middle Drive East National AIDS Memorial Grove since 30 November 1991
The AIDS Memorial Grove had a large list of namesHere in the National AIDS Memorial Grove, a great number of people have contributed to making this a living memorial to those that have and continue to lose their lives to this dreadful virus. The great center circle, containing a large quantity of names, is but a small fraction of a small part of San Franciscans and other Americans whose lives have been touched by this disease.
What is a Memorial? A landmark or notation of someone who has been lost, to commemorate their passing. Statues, fountains, sometimes arches are all frequent memorial devices. How fitting that this memorial be a constant and ever growing one? It continues to commemmorate. There is no lack of space at the grove to add new names. Photos © bastique Luther rose colored glasses

13 June 2006
Carry Bass, San Francisco