San Francisco, CA
United States
Golden Gate Park, west of intersection Bowling Green and Middle Drive East National AIDS Memorial Grove since 30 November 1991
The pandemic of AIDS is felt all over the world, but San Francisco has been at the forefront of the pain and suffering in the Western world's experience of living and dying with this disease. The city of San Francisco and parts of the Church here have been instrumental in time with combating with compassion and medical research those who have suffered and continue to suffer.
Holy Redeemer Parish in the Castro established the first AIDS Hospice in the world across from their church, while members of the parish began another world first outreach to the Gay and Lesbian community who lost so many of their loved ones, especially in the 1980's and 90's. Some of those founding sisters and brothers are still in action today.
The city has buried over 18,000 family members due to HIV-AIDS.
These pics are of the city's AIDS Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park. The Memorial is a major subject of Mark's academic research and hopefully will become a new project that the City may adopt. The Grove begins with a quiet walk from a Circle of Peace through a to a Circle of Friends, where the names of those who have died are memorialised. As one can see by the squirrel standing at the edge of the names, all are welcome here. Photos © Follow Me Blogger

30 November 2010
Richard T., San Francisco