Buffalo, NY
United States
Normal Ave./ Porter Ave Life Memorial Park since 1 December 1992
Sprucing Up Life Memorial Park
A Place of Hope, Education, Healing and Remembrance for the Men, Women and Children who have died from an AIDS related Illness.
This past Saturday three people came together, as they do every summer, to spruce up a neighborhood park located at the corner of Normal and Porter. Karl, Rick and Thom (none of whom even live in the neighborhood) spent the afternoon painting the red ribbon-like walkway that winds around the setting's interior.
The park is dedicated to men, women and children who have lost their lives battling the HIV/AIDS disease. And thanks to the stewards of the sanctuary, the neighborhood maintains a welcoming vibrancy throughout the year. The three men are respective members of the Imperial Court and the Buffalo Bears.
If you’re ever in the neighborhood, be sure to grab a seat on one of the donated benches, or read all of the names etched onto the backside of the Memorial Wall.
Photo © queenseyes Buffalo Rising Online

25 June 2007
queenseyes, Buffalo