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Capitol Hill Station Plaza & adjacent Cal Anderson Park AIDS Memorial Pathway Seattle seit 26 Juni 2021
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Council committee OKs ordinance for AIDS Memorial Pathway art that will rise at center of Capitol Hill Station plaza
A Seattle City Council committee Thursday approved a key ordinance and got a look at the artwork being planned for the AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway project destined to be the centerpiece of the Capitol Hill Station plaza and connect the development to nearby Cal Anderson Park.
Thursday, the council committee got a look at the plans for the pathway including Jordan’s “centerpiece,” a large X shaped from black, silent speakers that will stand in the north end of the Capitol Hill Station plaza and cover an existing vent tower from the light rail facility below:
The piece is a portal into the spaces of radical gathering, hospitality, celebration, and care that Black, brown, poor, trans, queer, and otherwise excluded communities have forged to take care of our own. The speakers form an X, or a positive-sign on its side, engaging our connections to the ongoing AIDS crisis, our connections to those no longer with us, and our connections to our communities of resilience. X is a symbol for love and a symbol for banishment and exclusion, a symbol for unknown, for explicit things we are not “supposed” to speak about in public. This sculpture exists both to celebrate the lives of those no longer with us, and to galvanize ongoing action. These silent speakers come from spaces which have witnessed our gathering and connections across time.
Today, in a country where 50% of Black gay men are projected to become HIV+ in their lifetime, the speakers call us into connection, hospitality, care, celebration, remembrance, activism, and support.

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27 Februar 2020
jseattle, Seattle, WA