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Canadian AIDS Society La Société can. du sida Canadian AIDS Memorial Quilt since 15 May 1989
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In 1987, San Francisco gave birth to The NAMES Project, an organization to manage a collection of cloth panels designed as memorials to those who had died of AIDS. These very personal pieces were gathered in a permanent monument called The AIDS Memorial Quilt.
In 1989, portions of The AIDS Memorial Quilt went on tour through the United States and Canada. Several Canadian cities hosted displays, receiving hundreds of new Canadian panels. These panels remained in Canada to form the first sections of our own Canadian AIDS Memorial Quilt. These panels, along with new panels, are regularly displayed in large and small centres throughout Canada.
Canada is now one of more than 35 countries with an AIDS Memorial Quilt. At the 2006 International AIDS Conference in Toronto many of the Canadian sections were displayed.
The Canadian AIDS Memorial Quilt is made up of more than 640 0.90 by 1.80 m (3 by 6 foot) panels, each panel created in memory of someone who has died of AIDS. Eight panels are sewn together to form a single 3.60 m (12 foot) square called a Section. More than 80 of these Sections form the Canadian Quilt. Each Section can be laid on the floor or hung for easy viewing.
In 2013, the NAMES Project Canada transferred the stewardship of the Quilt to the Canadian AIDS Society in Ottawa.

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