Central Park Stefan cel Mare AIDS Memorial Bench of Moldova since 30 May 2013
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The monument is a unique architectural composition, which carries not only a strong message, but is also functional - it is a public bench in the central parck of Chisinau. The bench made ​​of more than 5,000 nuts welded together represents our society. 1756 black screws which are screwed into the bench (like the HIV virus enters the body's cells), represents the number of people who have died from AIDS in Moldova until 2013. The bench is designed for public use, but the part with screws is not quite comfortable to sit on. This means that as long as the people in our country are dying of AIDS, the society will not be able to feel comfortable with that. Behind the bench there is an information stand with relevant information about HIV and AIDS.
The memorial was realized by the "Positive Initiative" Network with financial support of Center PAS and Soros Moldova Foundation (Global Fund Grant). The bench is design by a young couple of architects, Ion and Elena David.

Positive Initiative Network