Toronto, ON
Barbara Hall Park Toronto AIDS Memorial Trees since 17 October 1989
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In Cawthra Square Park, there were at least eight AIDS Memorial Trees since you can find eight memorial plaques at various locations. The tree for Bill Knight was planted during Ontario AIDS Awareness Week October 16-22, 1989, in the presence of City Councillor Jack Layton - four years before the official AIDS Memorial was inaugurated. No information on the planting of the other seven trees could be found. In the late summer of 2003, Jearld Moldenhauer discovered that the memorial birch tree that he had planted for the late James McPhee had been removed by a city worker - the plaque was still present in 2012.
If the memorial trees were planted in the year of death, then the establishment of the Toronto AIDS Memorial Trees needs to be predated.
The eight plaques commemorate:

Dennis F. Bittner (1946-1986)
Stephen M. Israelstam (1948-1987)
D. James McPhee (1963-1989)   a birch
Bill Knight (1948-1989)
Ian McGrigor (1948-1988)   probably a sugar maple, Acer saccharum
J. Craig Howe (1954-1996)   probably a white ash, Fraxinus americana
Kenneth D. Webster (1948-1994)   probably a northern red oak, Quercus rubra
Canada's Tainted Blood Tragedy   probably an American tulip tree, Liriodendrum tulipifera

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