Brighton, England
United Kingdom
New Steine Square 'TAY' Brighton and Hove AIDS Memorial since 9 October 2009
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The cast bronze AIDS Memorial Sculpture by Romany Mark Bruce is situated in New Steine gardens and is four metres high. It depicts two intertwined figures, one male figure and one genderless figure that soar up towards the sky. The sculpture forms a shadow in the shape of the red ribbon which is the international symbol for HIV/AIDS awareness.
Romany overcame several hurdles while creating this sculpture. The inner steel framework collapsed after three months of work, and then late in the project the freezing winter weather caused further serious problems. The AIDS Memorial was finally unveiled on 9 October 2009, two years after he was first chosen by public ballot to create the sculpture.
Romany said: "I am pleased that the memorial will be in place for World AIDS Day 2009 and I hope this will become a focal point for reflection and remembrance. For the first time the people of Brighton & Hove will have space in the city where they can quietly show support for those living with HIV/AIDS. I hope the sculpture will help raise awareness and mobilise community involvement in the fight against it."

Brighton and Hove City Council